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Asclepius Training, LLC. is owned and ran by Fernando Nino Jr. He started the company back in March of 2013 with a focus on providing top quality medical education to the medical professional.

Fernando started in the Emergency Medicine field in 2001. Since then he has worked in such areas such as private ambulance, volunteer fire department, and teaching. He has been on the Providence Fire Department since April 2008 and currently holds the position of Rescue Lieutenant and is the current EMS Coordinator for the department. Teaching is his passion and first started as an educator back in 2009 with EMT Inc. which is now New England EMT. He is one of their lead instructors doing lectures for EMT, Cardiac, and Paramedic along with the practical skills labs that go along with each course. He also teaches for CPR in RI as a lead instructor. He is a RI State Instructor Coordinator and a Nationally Licensed Level I Instructor thru NAEMSE (National Association of EMS Educators).

Organizations Fernando are aligned with and an instructor for are American Heart Association- AHA, American Safety and Health Institute- ASHI, National Association of EMT’s- NAEMT, and National Registry of EMT’s- NREMT.

The licensures as an instructor he holds in each organization are:

  • ACLS- Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • ACLS-EP- Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Experienced Providers
  • PALS- Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • PEARS- Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition and Stabilization
  • BLS-HP- Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
  • BLS-PHP- Basic Life Support for Prehospital Providers
  • CPR/AED/1st Aid
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • ECG and Pharmacology
  • Airway Management
  • CPR/AED/1st Aid
  • CABS- Child and Babysitting Safety
  • Wilderness 1st Aid
  • Wilderness 1st Responder
  • Wilderness EMT
  • ACLS- Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • PALS- Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • EMR- Emergency Medical Responder
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Advanced 1st Aid
  • RI State AMLS Coordinator- Advanced Medical life Support
  • PHTLS- Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support
  • B-Con- Bleeding Control for the injured
  • LEFR-TCC- Law Enforcement and First Responder Tactical Casualty Care
  • TCCC- Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • EPC- Emergency Pediatric Care
  • EMS Safety
  • GEMS- Geriatric Education for EMS
  • EMT
  • AEMT- Advanced EMT
  • Paramedic